The magazine RIVISTA RUSSA was first published in 2012 and since then has became the city’s guide for plenty of tourist from Russia and other Russian speaking countries. The Magazine offers information about fashion industry, shopping, beauty, design, lifestyle and Italian gastronomy. The rebranding of "Rivista Russa" magazine became my graduation Thesis project from degree of Graphic design & Art Direction. Since then I am the part of each issue as a graphic designer and art director.

The colour palette of the magazine and brand identity is very minimalistic and clean, it consists of grey tints, black and white. By using black&white we allow content to get more attention and the identity will give an impression of sophisticity and elegance.

The shopping bags “Rivista Russa” are needed for the magazines distribution. The bag is mat white with the grey holders and follows the shape of the magazine.

The magazine is always available in PDF foramt online. But if the uder if looking at it from the smartphone, it isn't the best option of digital overview. That is why I decided to create the digital version of "Rivista Russa" in the "EPUB" format, which can be uploaded in ibooks. It is perfectly adapted to the ipad and iphone dimentions and it is always with you as long as it is downloaded on your phone.