My Milano project cover

My Milan is a personal city guide dedicated to friends. The idea was to create the special concept by describing your personal experience in the city. My idea is to show the history of the different drinks historically made in Milan, so the guide name is Milan "drinking culture", where you can find the variety of information about cocktails, vine and places for the best aperitivos. All the photos and texts are the result of the personal experience, collected by me during the project.

The cover of the magazine is the result of collection hundreds of images and photographs together in one "viny" color tint. The color stripes repeats the identity of the magazine inside , where you find some kind of "broken" backgrounds and geometric shapes. In that case colorful rectangulares imitates the shape of the main Milanese gothic Cathedral "Duomo di Milano".

MY MILAN brand offers you the catalogue with the high quality products, which you can use in your trip around the town and keep them to remind you of the city.