“Eclosion” is an androgynous collection, made by GRETA SALVI, young italian fashion designer, characterized by the contrasts of different volumes, enhanced by colors in contrast and intense prints that evoke the vegetable world.
During the Course of Branding&Fashion Styling, I had to develop the idenitites for both designer and collection, create the style for the shooting and procude all the printed materials.

“ECLOSION” was born from the study of Frida Kahlo’s art related to the complexity of the relationships between the human being and the body, and, from the analysis of the concept of metamorphosis between man, animal and plant kingdom.

There is also digital version of the lookbook with the collection "ECLOSION" in the "EPUB" format, which can be uploaded in ibooks. It is perfectly adobted to the ipad and iphone dimentions and it is always with you as long as it is downloaded on your phone.