"DUCRAY" is the french pharmaceutical brand of Derma-cosmetic products dedicated to health and beauty of skin and hair care.

“Beauty of science" or “Science of beauty” is our first concept, which purpose is to show how beautiful science can get. The logo “Ducray Laboratoires Dermatologiques” increases competitive power, uniqueness and recognisability of the brand. The use of the sans-serif typeface makes the DUCRAY easy to read. The illustration of smooth lines under the “Ducray” creates the impression of the molecules.

“Looking at the future by recovering tradition” is the second concept. We were inspired of the very first traditional packaging of Ducray, with the frames, squared shapes and serif fonts. Our design combines the value of tradition of the brand together with modernity.
The objectives are to improve legibility for elderly people (using character variation); improve visibility on shelf, make DUCRAY distinguished.
The logo is made considering the medical pharmaceutical value of the brand. It reflects the rigorous scientific approach of ducray. The use of sans serif font helps to improve legibility and makes the brand mark DUCRAY more visible than sensinol.